For issues related to something other than downloading files, check the FAQ.

Common Issues:

Pledge Information not yet Imported

If you are trying to download files from a Patreon Campaign, it can take up to four hours after signing up to the Campaign through Patreon for your pledge information to be imported to our system. You can view what pledges has for your account under profile: pledges. This wait period will also apply for each new pledge created when Patreon charges you at the beginning of the month.

Incorrect Email Address

If you are trying to download files from a Patreon Campaign, please ensure that the email on your account is the same as the email you are using on Patreon. Check your email here (and make sure that you are signed in to the correct account if you have multiple accounts or multiple Patreon accounts). Your account does not need to be linked to Patreon, as long as the email address is exactly the same. Linking an account to Patreon without the correct email address will not allow you to download the files.

Email Address not Verified

If you have linked your Patreon email, you will also need to verify your email. You should have received a verification email in the inbox of the email you used to link your account. If you cannot find that email, please check that it has not been caught in your spam filter. The email subject will be "Please Confirm Your E-mail Address." If you still cannot find the email, you can go here and click the "Re-send Verification" button to send a new verification email. If you still do not receive the verification email, please contact support at [email protected]

If you have received a verification email and clicked through the link but your email is still not verified, ensure that you have pressed the 'Confirm' button on the 'Confirm E-mail Address' page.

Resubscription Event not Processing

If you have previously cancelled a Patreon pledge and have recently resubscribed, or if you have upgraded your tier in a Patreon Campaign, this information may not be sent over from Patreon for the month in which this change occurred. If your pledge does not update within four hours of the change, you can press the "reload from Patreon" button on your pledge page. If the pledge is still not appearing, please contact the artist so they can check your information on Patreon and update your information manually as needed.

Confirmed Pledge with Files not appearing in Downloads Page

Sometimes, when you go to your downloads page, the system has not gotten to adding new files to your account, either for new users or new releases, even though your pledge information has imported. First check that your pledge information is correct on your pledge page. If the information is correct, you can press the "refresh" button at the top of the Downloads page to force the site to check for new files you should have access to.

Other times, a file may be in your Downloads but not in the order you expect, especially if the release date was configured wrong when the files were uploaded. Searching for the file by name, or using filters to look through your owned files may help you find these files. You can also browse releases from each partner on the website on their individual partner pages. These pages will have a list of each release from the artist with information about which months' pledges grant access to the files.

Due to an unknown bug, some files do not appear in the Downloads page for all patrons. If you think there is a file missing from your downloads that you should have access to, you can check for these files in the packs they were released in by navigating to Partners, then selecting the name of the artist, and then choosing the month the file was released. You should be able to download the files from this page as long as your pledge information is accurate in the system. We will update this page with more information as we continue to investigate this bug.

If the file on the pack page is listed as "Unpurchased" when you should have access to it, it is more likely to be a configuration error or an issue with your account access, and you should contact the artist or support to correct the error.

Old Browser

Please ensure you are using a modern version of Firefox or Chrome. We have tested on Firefox 82 and Chrome 86, and have had issues with older versions. As per below, we recommend Chrome (or a chromium based browser) instead of Firefox as Firefox crashes with larger downloads more often.

Failed to Fetch

A Failed-to-Fetch error may be caused by a browser plug-in which is preventing downloads. Try turning off browser extensions or using an incognito tab to eliminate this issue.

Mobile Browser

We have added support for mobile browsers, although mobile devices may experience issues with larger downloads, as below.

"Is Downloading"

Some files may be configured to download using your regular browser settings for downloads when downloaded individually.

The download button will say 'is downloading' and will not report a download percentage, but the download should be quicker. You may need to enable pop-ups for the download to succeed: Chrome, Firefox.

Downloads Stuck

Occasionally a browser may freeze during a download or at 100% when a large product is downloaded. We've had users report less issues using Chrome than Firefox. If this does not work then you can also try downloading individual sub-folders, or a single product at a time.

If you are noticing this issue with many different files, regardless of size, the issue is most likely due to a browser extension or anti-virus software preventing the downloads from completing. Using an incognito window generally circumvents this problem, but only if the incognito window is set to disable your browser extensions. You can try disabling your browser extensions one by one to determine which one is preventing the completion of the download process.

Users have reported issues with the following programs blocking downloads:

If you are not able to download a specific file individually or in an incognito browser, you can let us know at [email protected] and we will check to make sure there is not something wrong with the file itself.

Issue extracting "File Path Too Long"

Windows default extraction method will occasionally run into this error. We recommend using 7-Zip instead.

Permission denied to download multiple files

Some browsers may require permissions to be granted to download multiple files from the site. This may prevent you from saving the files after they've been downloaded. There is generally a site-specific permissions menu in or around the address bar in your browser.

For Chrome:

Click in the upper-right corner of the browser, then click Settings.

Scroll down to and click Show advanced settings.

Scroll down to Downloads, and clear the Ask where to save each file before downloading check box.

Attempt to download files again. This time, when prompted if you want to download multiple files, click Allow.

Files Downloading as .TXT instead of .ZIP

We have had at least one report that the "Chrono Download Manager" Browser Extension has caused files to be downloaded as .TXT files instead of .ZIP files. If you use this extension, please disable it and try downloading the files again.